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Detection and Analysis

Employing the sensor and spectroscopy technologies to 
monitor and characterize


Solvent Analysis Optowares is developing technology to monitor the quantity of particles in solvents that are used for semiconductor fabricaiton processes. With the ability to measure size distribution of contaminant particles, Optowares' technology can reduce the unnecessary changeover of the solvents and increase the process yield. 

Fuel Tank Analysis Optowares’ is developing a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) optical system for on-line analysis of fuel and contaminants in the fuel tank. Optoware’s FTIR technology is based on attenuated total internal refraction (ATR-FTIR) technology, with spatial resolution sufficient for quantitation of microbial contamination with species specificity. ATR-FTIR is a technique is commonly used to provide fundamental information on the molecular structure of organic and inorganic components adhere to an ATR crystal surface. 


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