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Utilizing proven sensors and machine learning to help aid in
the analysis of process and materials

Paint Analysis Under this Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) Program, Optowares and Boston Engineering Corporation are developing methodology, protocols, hardware, and software to produce an experimentally verified handheld hull surface condition sensor to evaluate bare steel and paint materials of interest to the US Navy to determine the condition of the surface just prior to the application of a coating or adhesive. By analyzing a hull surface and determining the surface is contaminant free and suitable for coating, this work will culminate in the substantial mitigation of delamination risk at material interfaces.


Semiconductor Process Metrology Currently, there is a lack of non-destructive metrology to measure the thickness of various films that are deposited on sapphire substrates. This lack of precise measurement leads to imprecise control of the thin film deposition processes and thus to lower yield of integrated circuits. Optowares, in collaboration with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, is developing an innovative non-destructive metrology tool to provide this much needed metrology tool.  

Transparent Armor Analysis Optowares is developing a nondestructive Raman-based inspection system that can accurately measure material identity, layered sequence of materials, and layer thicknesses of transparent armor. The system can signal to an inspector the status of structural quality, providing diagnostic assistance in assessing with a high degree of confidence whether or not a transparent armor part needs to be repaired or replaced.


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