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Innovations in optical fibers and optical modulators


Fiber Optic Repair Set (FORS) The United States Navy and Marine Corps aircraft have fiber optic cables installed to handle high-speed data. The ability to repair fibers in the aircraft at the Organizational Level will reduce cost and increase mission readiness. The Fiber-Optic Repair Set (FORS) is common support equipment needed to maintain Navy and Marine Corps aircraft on aircraft carriers and at shore-based facilities. Optowares has developed a FORS to be used to 1) prepare and condition the broken fibers and their end faces for a splice, 2) splice the fiber ends, and 3) restore the physical integrity of the cable.
Optowares’ Fiber Optic Splicing Kit contains the latest technology to connect two fibers together easily and reliably without the use of fusion splicing. It offers hazard-free splicing without sparks, high voltage or heat. Moreover, the glass sealed splice offers low optical loss, wide-temperature operation, 25-year service life, and low cost of ownership. The patented design enables fiber self-alignment with high repeatability, and a “light-bridging” material fills the fiber gap for a stable, ultra low loss splice. The kit includes a battery operated hand-held aligning and curing tool and the fiber preparation tools needed to complete high-reliability splices. 


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